Hyperaktive Performance Solutions

Many times engine tuners will have conflicting solutions with chassis tuners.  Unfortunately, many "tuners" have experience and understanding of one system of a racecar.  The reality of the matter is that a race car is comprised of one system and that is the car itself.  The whole car must be tuned as if it is one system to achieve consistent performance.

While many people think the key to getting a car down the racetrack is the proper placement of dots, we feel it is in the relentless observations of all systems in a car that subsequently turns those observations into results.

Knowing who to depend on for expert advice or where to go to for proper information is difficult.  It seems any performance shop you call has a different opinion or will recommend a different product.  Once the initial purchase is made, you will find it even more difficult to obtain knowledgeable assistance to guide you to the next step.

If it is in our professional opinion certain components or applications are not for certain set ups, we will do our best to assist you in achieving your performance goals.  However, we can not guarantee results without the products and applications we feel would have better suited your needs.

Check Out Our Track Record!
  • FFW Record holder from 2002-2006 with ET’s from 6.48-6.42 with a single turbo small block mustang.  Currently still the fastest single turbo small block in the world at a 6.42 @220 with a 101mm Single Turbo.
  • First Pro 5.0 car in the 6.50’s, 6.40’s. 
  • First Pro 5.0 car over 215 MPH and the first Pro 5.0 car to break 220 MPH.
  • 2004 and 2005 FFW Pro Champion.
  • 2005 FFW Crew Chief of the Year.
  • Current FFW Pro Record Holder with a 6.32 in the nitrous equipped KM Motorsports ZX2.
  • WFC Champion in 2004 and 2007.  Attended WFC 6 times, and made it to the final 4 times with 2 wins and 2 runner ups.
  • Orlando World Street Nationals Champion in 2004.  Orlando WSN Runner-up in 2006.
  • 2001-2003 FFW Runner-Up. 
  • Won the season ending PSCA race in Vegas and set the record in 2004.  This was the precursor to the Street Car Supernationals.
  • At 2005 Street Car Supernationals, both team cars made it to the semis and one advanced to the finals.
  • Numerous FFW Pro #1 qualifiers and race wins.
  • In all of the years we have not lost one run of data.


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