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Big Stuff 3 is quickly becoming the "standard" in modern day aftermarket fuel injection. With many options available, it can be a daunting task figuring out which system is for you. Allow us to shed some light on all of the features and options. Read on...

There are several different variations and options when choosing which Big Stuff 3 System will best suit your performance needs.

DAI stands for Data Acquisition Internal. Simply put, with this option there is no longer a need to carry a laptop computer in the car to record data. Other companies had you using seperate control boxes that had to be configured in order to work properly and if you forgot to plug it in there went the data. Being internal saves tons of headaches, everything can be done while plugged into the same box and the downloaded runs are saved in sequence for future review. One of the best features of this option is the ability to configure what is shown when the log window is opened. If for some reason you what to see a different sensor that you don't normally review, it actually recorded it, and you can view it at any time. With other systems if you didnt configure it to record specific sensors it never recorded them, so you were left wondering what else might have happened during a run down the ¼ mile or spin on the dyno. After a year or two many people have had to replace damaged laptop computers from having to run the laptop inside the car during competition. The DAI option eliminates those headaches and extra costs. We recommend DAI to anyone with plans of ever racing their cars. It is worth the investment.

DAE stand for Data Acquisition External. Until recently you needed a seperate data acquisition system to record sensors outside of the normal engine operating conditions. What this meant was an increased cost to be able to datalog things such as fuel pressure, oil pressure, pan vacuum, driveshaft speed, etc. Leave it to the masterminds at Big Stuff 3 to incorporate all of these thing and more into one information powerhouse of an EFI System. Seperate boxes can become a thing of the past. The DAE Option allows additional data channels to be monitored along side the normal engine parameters for review after a run. The additionally monitored and recorded channels are:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Pan Vacuum
  • Input Shaft Speed (Great for Clutch Cars)
  • Driveshaft Speed
  • Turbo Exhaust Back Pressure (or use it as a pressure differential for intercooler efficiency on Supercharged Cars)
  • Turbo Shaft Speed (or on a Serpentine Belt Supercharged Car to determine belt slippage)

As you can see this is a wealth of information previously only available through the use of a costly seperate Data Acquisition System. As we have all learned in the past couple of years, the more information that you can acquire the faster your racing program can progress. Please note: The DAE Option does not include any pressure transducers or RPM sensors. HPS Offers them seperately for whatever combination you have.

The GM 4L60E and 4L80E Transmissions have become a great option for anyone wanting an automatic overdrive equipped street car. Until recently a seperate trans controller unit was required. As an option Big Stuff 3 decided to incorporate these features in the GEN 3 box. What this means is the end user can have complete control of the GM Trans from the same software and without the complexity or trying to interface seperate boxes. The BS3 with trans option allows full control over upshifts and downshifts in any gear based upon vehicle speed and TPS%. Full control over the torque converter clutch for lockup in 3rd or 4th gear. Line pressure is also fully manipulated in the BS3 to custom tailor the shift firmness to your liking. Obviously not needed for cars with 3-speed autos or manual trans car, but an excellent option for those wanting to have it all with overdrive.

Big Stuff
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