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LDX Logger/UDX Display

UDX Display for Big Stuff 3 EFI System

The LDX combines data acquisition with our advanced instrumentation! The LDX Logger also takes full advantage of the capabilities of the V-Net technology. In addition to the wiring harness that imports the signals from the engine RPM, drive-shaft RPM, water temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage, up to 32 optional sensors modules can be attached to the single V-Net network cable. This yields a total recording capability of 37 channels of data.

There are three models of the UDX dashes available. The ’Street Dash’ and the ’Replay Dash’ are stand-alone systems. They do not require a data recorder. A third version, the ’Display Only’ dash, is only used to display data that is being monitored by one of our V-series data recorders.

The Street Dash has all the amenities needed on a street-driven vehicle. Through a combination of your existing sensors and those included in the kit, this dash will provide you with the ability to display engine RPM, speedometer, odometer, water and oil temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, and fuel level. It has internal indicator lights for such items as low oil pressure, high water temperature, turn signals, high beam, and parking brake. Additional functions can be displayed with the purchase of the appropriate V-Net sensor and module combination. A relay for an electric fan controller, and a minimum/maximum recall function, are included in the Street Dash kit.

The Replay Dash is another stand-alone instrument. In addition to providing real time display this dash can store up to 10 minutes of memory for replay on the dash. The Replay Dash kit includes a wire loom and sensors for engine RPM, water temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage. Sensors for monitoring other function must be purchased as options.
The UDX display for the Big Stuff 3 System is the same as the Replay Dash but it has been configured to accept the data sent over the CAN Bus option(Sold Separately) on the BS3 ECU

Unlike the first two versions, the Display Only dash is designed to be used as an add on instrument for V-series recorders. It will display any function that is being monitored by the recorder to which it is attached.



The affordable V300SD series data recorder is RacePak's newest data recorder. In base configuration, the V300 monitors six parameters, but it can be expanded to monitor up to 67 channels of data to meet the needs of most users. The V300SD can sample data as quickly as 1000 times per second. Uploading recorded data to your computer is done via a SD memory card, which provides you with hours of recording time and the ability to store many runs prior to uploading the data. The V300SD also has multiple methods of displaying monitored data in real time. When linked by serial cable to your PC you can view all recorded functions in either graph format or on 8 virtual gauges while the vehicle is running. Any monitored function can also be displayed in real time on Racepak’s optional Intelli-Gauges or Ultra Dash.



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