Hyperaktive Performance Solutions

Services include phone consultation, at track tuning and data analysis, and configuration assistance.  We also can provide assistance via our remote access assistance software whether you are at the track or dyno facility, we can access your computer remotely through the web and tune and configure as needed.  We are also available for engine or chassis dyno tuning sessions at your facility of choice.   

We can design, select and order the proper EFI and Data systems for your needs and budget. From a simple and basic EFI system or Data Acquisition add-on, like O2's, to a full blown fully integrated EFI and data system (used in Chuck Samuel's Outlaw 10.5 Car), HPS can achieve the results you are looking for. We are the ultimate source in data solutions. 

We are available for “at track” consultation as well.  We have a comprehensive understanding of racing clutches, suspension systems, chassis dynamics and weight placement, as well as being a leader in data acquisition and engine tuning. 

We are not in the business of “Free Advice”.  If you have to give it away then it obviously isn’t worth paying for.  We will not hold lengthy tech conversations or provide any professional consultation without establishing a customer relationship.  We feel that our customer service is second to none. However, you have to be a customer to receive such service. Once the initial contact and explanation of issues is discussed and established we will determine at that point whether Hyperaktive Performance Solutions is the right choice for you.

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